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A complete stump set that is adjustable for all different training purposes.

This set comes with;

  • A multi stump can be split into 2 different pieces, therefore, allowing you to change the stump height for a specific task or drill of your choice.
  • Full Stump: 28 inches, 8 slat spaces
  • Top Stump: 19 inches, 6 slat spaces
  • Bottom Stump: 9 inches, 2 slat spaces
  • Slats(8) in total can be inserted through the stump to allow for the feeling of a snick through the keep/slips or a deviation in the field.
  • Bat handle (screw on) to allow the unit to turn into a half or full-size snicking bat.
  • Peg to allow the stump to be put into the ground.

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